Can typographers be applied scientists?

We are all too familiar with the ongoing discourse surrounding the re-definition of the role of the typographer. Food for thought:

A scientist approaches a problem by carefully designing its parameters, seeking out relevant information, and subjecting proposed solutions to rigorous testing. The scientific view of the world leads a person to be skeptical about what he or she reads or hears in popular media. Having a scientific outlook leads a person to question the validity of provocative statements made in the media and to find out what scientific studies say about those statements. In short, and individual with a scientific outlook does not accept everything at face value.” (Bordens & Abbott, 2008).

Replace the word scientist with typographer. As such, is there a potential for typographers to become applied scientists?

Bordens, K. S. & Abbott, B. B., (2008). Research Design and Methods. 7th ed. p 3. McGraw Hill, New York.

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