Helvetica sucks
While I disagree with the statement “Helvetica sucks,” the definition on this website is funny because it’s true.

Decoding the range: The secret language of cattle branding
A fascinating article about cattle “branding.”

Free vintage vectors

Global Type
Global Type is a non-commercial project trying to show up typography’s development using an earth model. You can write text similar to a wiki. Behind the website there is a database with historic typefaces.

Fluid type
An article about typography and flexibility between different technologies

Typography for lawyers
A fantastic resource for simple typographic tips. For anyone. There is also a book that I have not read.

Geometrical psychology
Note to self: Find out if this dude is cracked and add him to my Literature section.

Scrabble — typography edition

Reddit’s typography section

Gill Dyslexic
A version of Gill Sans, modified for persons with dyslexia. I find no research to support or refute it’s claims.

A site about typefaces and dyslexia. It even has a few free downloads. Little scientific support however.

On snot and fonts
A massive page of links to information about type, type designers, software &c, courteasy of Luc Devroye.

The font police! Essentially a piece of web-based software that lets you upload a list of font names, it searches for you, finds sites that are offering it for free, and allows you to report the offender. This will hopefully drive the legitimate re-sailors to the top of a Google search.

A foundry

Typography Shop
T-shirts ’n stuff. Post a link and win some… ’n stuff?

Which are more legible: Serif or sans serif typefaces?
A post from with many linked references.

Read Between The Leading
A blog of sorts that appears to based primarily on podcasts. Ironic? I have yet to review.

Is the traditional business card dead?
An article with some nice examples, including video business cards, from New Design Blog.

Word as image
The best example of typographic visual rhetoric and kinetic typography I have seen in almost 20 years. For further reading on visual rhetoric see Ehses, H. & Lupton, E. (1988). Design papers 5. Rhetorical handbook: An illustrated manual for graphic designers. NSCAD University. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Kern Type
A fun and educational game about kerning. I got 93% my first attempt.

Fourteen punctuation marks you never knew existed
Only four were new to me.

Type Radio
A radio show about typography.

Type Library
A website about type books put together by Dunwich Type.

From Scroll to Screen
An article from the NY Times.

Print versus Online: The ways in which old-fashioned newspapers still trump online newspapers.

The MicroFoundry
A fellow Typophile’s website.

Web font services — an overview

“Easy” grid calculator
An overly complex calculator for designing grids with square fields. Neither easy nor useful. Read a book and learn to make a grid:  Müller-Brockmann, J. (1981). Grid systems in graphic design. Arthur Niggli Limited, Switzerland.

Fibonacci numbers by Ken Nordine
One of my favorite mathematical phenomenon by an excellent artist.

The Initial Teaching Alphabet
A system designed to help children learn to read and write.

The origins of abc: Where does our alphabet come from?
A blog entry from I Love Typography

A foundry with some nice free display faces.

Which are more legible: serif or sans serif typefaces?
A nice literature review.

An insightful technology blog.

A site similar to this one dealing with typography and psychology.

A Radical Stance
A blog about design thinking and discourse.

CT Project
A project site for the Complete Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Cast off calculation
A method for calculating how many typeset pages your manuscript will be (pre-computer).

Occasional Papers
A non-profit publisher of affordable, high-quality books.

Typographic measurement systems
A very handy reference from From ParaType. Note the different point:millimeter ratios across the top.

A cute “children’s book” about typography.

A fascinating on-line application that explores speed reading, sub-vocalization and rapid serial visual processing (RSVP).

Kevin Larson talks at MIX10 about typography on the web

NIA game controller from OCZ Technology
Essentially a $100 portable EEG device posing as a video game controller.

Daily Type
A collection of Russian type designers.

A tool for comparing multiple fonts on the screen with different settings which then generate CSS for you.

Which are more legible: serif or sans serif typefaces?
A literature review by Alex Poole

Fourth International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication

Type News
“Type News is a live, autonomous, aggregating system that sucks up then spits out all the latest news from the type industry. Updated every 5 minutes, it delivers a timeline of all things typographic from a number of popular outlets. The incoming news is filtered into three groups: Images, Twitter, and Blog Posts. Titles, tags, and permalinks are cataloged and stored for future searching or browsing.”

A web font foundry I have yet to explore.

Where to buy typography posters online

Ten techniques to get more comments on your blog

Books in the age of the iPad

The book and the iPad

A graphic design book collection

DesignInquiry Journal
An online design journal from DesignInquiry.

Erik Spiekermann’s typo tips

The Uniglyph

A free online web application that converts a Pages document into a Word document. It’s not perfect bit it’s pretty close. It takes about an hour to have it emailed back to you, and it stalled on upload a few times, but after about two hours I made it go. I will be reviewing my first conversion this evening and will report any inconsistencies.

The science of word recognition
A classic and must-read by Kevin Larson.

Typographic unit converter
Amazingly handy. Take note of the multiple point conversions.

Read Regular
A typeface designed for people with dyslexia. I have not read any research supporting it’s effectiveness.

The beauty of LaTeX
A colleague of mine insists that this is the way to go (scientists like LaTeX because of its ability to deal with math formulas). It reminds me of my desire to “go down with the ship a-la-Quark. I have not used it, but I support the argument of separating form from content regarding systematic typographic hierarchies.

Sloan font
Not the band, the United States standard typeface for visual acuity testing (scroll down a bit to get to get at it. It’s a free download).

The role of applied psychology in typography
I don’t know the authour of this article but you should definitely familiarize yourself with the Plain Language Association InterNational (PLAIN).

Requires a two-step installation process but looks interesting. Note the “paper” portion for all you practicing print-based typographers.

Medilabel Safety System®
A drug labeling design system.

A shared encyclopedia of typefaces.

Spatial frequency adaptation
A plain-language explanation of spatial frequency adaptation with a fantastic visual demonstration.

Which are more legible: serif or sans serif typefaces?
A literature review by Alex Poole, Interaction design and research

Science of Typography
An article by Ellen Lupton. Good reference section.

Writing systems and languages of the world.

Read between the leading
A podcast on type from a pair of individuals from the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Saving money on printer ink through your choice of fonts
An interesting article that mentions Ecofont.

Advice on designing science conference posters
A great resource. Some I agree with, some I do not but useful none the less.

Don’t format manuscripts
An interesting article with comments surrounding the technology and process of science journal article submission.

A reference management system.

Science journal meets web page
Looking forward to seeing this get off the ground.

SR Research
This company designs the eye-tracking equipment I use in some of my research.

Talking fingers
I end up here if I don’t type www & .com when entering my URL. Any ideas why?

New typophile threads
A link you can’t navigate to without typing/bookmarking. A chronological list organized by most recent activity from every group. Very convenient.

Readibility: an Arc90 lab experiment
Not really a lab or experiment, but a web-app of sorts that adjusts with your browsers type settings.

Type meet ups
A Website that keeps track of an alarmingly large number of type related events.

My old loupe
I used to have one of these. I wore it around my neck to press-checks. Sometime I miss those days.

Wikipedia’s definition of typography
This changes frequently so it’s worth visiting every month or so.

Big page of old links

A cute “children’s book” about typography.

A fascinating on-line application that explores speed reading, sub-vocalization and rapid serial visual processing (RSVP).