Just say no

As opposed to a blog post that promotes discussion by asking a question, this is a call to action.

From a FontShop Facebook photo, the FontShop profile asks the following question:

Quick Poll: Facebook has introduced a way to include their “Like” buttons on other websites. Should we add them to FontShop.com pages so you can show your love for your favorite typefaces?

I say no for the following reasons:

1. It will create another piece of information (spam) to process, digest, enter &c. when looking for fonts.

2. People will find a way to game the system to put more “likes” on fonts.

3. It will perpetuate the success of already successful typefaces and put newcomers at a disadvantage.

4. “Like” is so subjective that it’s useless information. Typefaces should be selected based upon fitness for purpose, not weather you, or anyone else “likes” them.

If implemented,  users should be required to provide a valid reason. This reason will then need to be moderated and accepted (= hours of work) because people will simply say “just because.” Just because McDonalds sells a lot of hamburgers doesn’t make them “good.”

Cast your vote by becoming a fan of the FontShop profile and then commenting on the question.

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