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I am so fucking sick and tired of idiots making comments with stupid hyperlinks using phrases such as “click here” that I finally took time to respond to a comment which did just that. Only I didn’t use any swears because it wasn’t my house. This is.


@Mr X: Thanks for the information. A bit of advice; to make things easier for other members, instead of writing with ambiguous hyperlinks such as this and here try to use more descriptive language so the reader knows where the link is going to take them before they click on it. Using ambiguous words such as “here” require the reader to read before and after the hyperlinked word in order to know where they are going.

Instead try writing with links like this:

“A resource detailing fonts common to both Windows and Macintosh would be a good place to start.”


“Ralf Hermann produced a fantastic infographic on outline font formats.”

Also notice, I did not hyperlink the punctuation on the second example. Another good practice as it contains no information relevant to the hyperlink.

The Mac and Window’s hyperlinks are also quite misleading, which is a shame as they are very useful. I would have written:

See also:
Wikipedia’s list of Microsoft Windows fonts and Wikipedia’s list of typefaces included with Mac OS X.

Notice I matched the wording of the the hyperlink with the title of the Wikipedia page reinforcing in the readers mind that they have landed in the correct place.

This takes a bit more work, but I like to think that comments with as much useful content such as yours are certainly worth it the extra attention.


Didn’t we leave shitty hyperlinks like that behind us in the 90’s? For further reading see Jakob Nielsen’s Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005 (specifically point #2). See how I made that a good link just there?

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