Research assistant




Consulting, designing and producing posters. Additionally I can provide content analysis and print management.

Production of publications ranging from single page office documents, CV’s through to large scale publications such as academic journals and course calendars

General graphic design ranging from identity to illustration.


Project management
Context, audience and goals analysis, defining roles and writing briefs. Managing workloads, developing timelines and content management.

Information architecture
Organizing content in such a way so that users can find what they are looking for and achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

Interface design
Designing the graphical user interface (GUI) so that users find visual search and human computer interation (HCI) as intuitive as possible. Development of a successful GUI includes technical analysis so that it is easy to build, maintain and update.

Graphic design
Visually designing and laying out the content for the website. Successfull web design solutions take into account ease of production, maintenance, updating and flexibility ie: different technology, platforms and browsers.

Providing feedback on all of the afore mentioned areas of expertise in such a way that a third party can implement them in my absence and without need for further communication.



Making observations
As a designer trained to think critically and develop solution that are bassed upon fitness for purpose and appropriateness for context making keen observations is a significant strength.

Asking research questions
Emergent from strong observation skills is the ability to ask direct and answerable questions.

Literature search
Database, journal and web searching in order to find relevant (and current) literature. Skills in social networking software provide me with a significant advantage keeping abreast of current developments.

Literature review
Reading, summarizing and re-writing content. In addition to this I am exceptionally skilled in surfacing confounds and flaws in experimental design.

Hypothesis formulation
Developing testable hypotheses.

Experimental design
Experimental design to addresses hypotheses.

Latin squares
Exceptionally skilled at counterbalancing experimental conditions through use of Latin squares. I can achieve this by hand, brute force and in multiple dimensions often capable of outperforming computer algorithms.

Ethics application
Experience completing SSHREB ethics approval documents. In certain cases applications were approved on their first submission without need for nay revision/reapplication.

Grant proposals
Experience completing grant proposals for research funding.

Running participants
Gathering, scheduling and running participants in short periods of time. With strong skills in writing experiment descriptions I have a very high success rate in participant attendance.

Associate editor
Experience providing colleagues with editorial assistance on manuscript preparation.

Co-authored manuscripts and book chapters

Data collection
Manual data collection (paper and pencil) in the absence of computers.

Data entry
Reviewing and entering and coding data from paper and screen (including video) for analysis.



Guest lecturer
Seminar lecturer, discussion moderator and workshop host for groups of up to 60 students.

Teaching assistant

Course design
Required to design course content and schedule.

Preparation of a series of lectures

Host workshops with students designed to provide guidance and feedback on their progress.

Individual consultation
Held office hours for individual consultation.

Prepared criteria for evaluation prior to project assignment, provided students with ongoing feedback throughout the project process and provided a final grade with written evaluation.



EyeLink II
Modern head-mounted eye tracking equipment

Experiment Builder
Software used to build experiments

Data Viewer
Software used to analyze and present the data from

Macintosh’s equivalent to Microsoft Office

Macintosh’s equivalent to Word. Used to prepare manuscripts and to design and produce publications and posters.

Macintosh’s equivalent to Excel. Used for data analysis and presentation.

Macintosh’s equivalent to Powerpoint. Used to prepare presentations and posters.

Adobe Creative Suite

Used for complex or large-scale document design and production such as academic journals or course calendars.

Vector-based graphics editing software used in the design and production of documents, posters and illustrations.

Used in the design and production of illustrations and websites

Used to to design and produce websites with a robust content management system (CMS). Once implemented it is extremely easy for the layperson to manage and update.

Intimately familiar with OS 7–X