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Typophile is (to my knowledge) the largest typographic forum in the world with ~200,000 members. Below are links to threads of interest that I have started, contributed to or simply marked for future reference. If you don’t already, I strongly suggest you create a profile there. It is somewhat somewhat of a custom to use your real name, if not as your screen name, at least in your profile. If you use your real name as your screen name, you tend to get more respect and responses when you do.

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Better term for “Virtual Typefaces?” Wikipedia category
One of the better threads I have followed in some time. Some particular points of interest:
a) Most people have different meanings for the same words.
b) No one (except for one person in one instance) is capable of providing any references to support their definitions, thus supporting my stance that the bulk of practicing typographers “wisdom” is purely anecdotal.
c) When world-renound experts in the field are asked simple and direct questions such as “how do you define “font?” they dodge the bullet.
Get it together guys. How are we supposed to make progress and establish credibility as a profession if we can’t even perform simple functions like provide a reference or establish a common vocabulary? I am disappointed with many of these “experts.”

Can a font make driving safer?

Tombstone typography: You’ll notice a few nice pics, and then I start kicking ass and taking names. I’ll be damned if the average typographer can support their claims with any substancial evidence. Doesn’t need to be empirical data, but jeez, can’t you at least reference a book? How Ironic. A typographer with an inability to reference published literature. Nees dome examples? See my Literature section.

Typography videos

Typography jokes

Business cards

Type for people with low vision

Print versus screen typography: Let me summarize the endless bitching of this, and many related thread; Get over it people. At a comfortable reading distance of ~30 cm, the human eye is simply incapable of seeing anything greater than ~300 DPI. And the only people stupid enough to argue this are the people who get paid to hint, and develop clever methods of rasterization, such as ClearType™. You’re days are numbered. It just doesn’t matter anymore. Accept it, and find a new job. You have been replaced by a robot.

baBouma: Discussion about an article where scientists claim to have taught baboons to read. I reviewed the article very thoroughly. Long story short; the scientists simply trained the baboons to recognize letter-strings in exchange for food.

Help cure “Do My Homework Syndrome”

The natural form of reading

Is typography a science?

Properties of human visual processing play a dominant role in constraining the distribution of print sizes in common use

Typeface for dyslexics

An ideal page: Line length, leading, margins, page size, &c.

Just say no

Russian typography

Can typographers be applied scientists?

Serifs. What’s the point?

My students WILL know what a serif is, dammit!: An interesting discussion about teaching typography to publication students.

3,000% increase in sales

The licensing and pricing of Web FontFonts

Song and Schwarz love affair with Arial rolls on…

If it’s easy to read…

Ecofont® evaluation?

Designers shouldn’t shoot from the hip

Is the future of the book digital?

Perfect justification: some good technical tips in there.

Perception and scaling of inter-letter space

APA recommends double space after period

Serif vs. sans serif

CAPTCHA and the word superiority efect

Business card for my wife (real estate agent): a good example of me providing feedback.

Can typography save lives?

What is TypeKit?

Why do CAPITAL LETTERS so annoy us?

Meet typophile’s moderators

Need some advice on microtypography

Online font survey: an interesting example of using typophile for data collection with an unusual number of re-posts of the same thread)

The article of the future

Legibility versus comfort

Typophiles with a background in experimental psychology

Fonts and authority perception (psychology)

Typophiles with blogs/websites

Line length

Legibility/aesthetics: improving the reader experience

French to English translation required for one paragraph about legibility

Double Crown Club

Know any good legibility tests for typefaces?

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