Klitschko vs. Illiteracy – An alphabet against illiteracy (00:01:31)
A font fashioned by the fists of a fighter. Fantastic!

ZXX type specimen video (00:05:00)
A mind blowing demonstration of a typefaces designed to confuse computer-basses optical character recognition algorithms.

Stop motion phone streak font animation (00:00:36)

The Comic Sans song (JWKTJE remix) (00:03:42)

Patrick Stewart: B or not B? (00:01:26)

How typography moved from the paper to the screen (00:02:28)

Documenting a ‘B’ as in Bowie (00:02:06)

OREO wonderfilled anthem (00:00:90)

Star Wars vs. Saul Bass (00:00:57)

A boy and his atom: The world’s smallest movie (00:01:35)
Wait for the end. You’ll know it when you see it.

The history of typography — animated short (00:05:10)
Too bad they falsely credit Gutenberg with the invention of movable type.

S*it nobody says (00:01:10)
The joke happens at 00:00:10. You’ll know it when you see it.

A–Z Experiment typography (00:01:43)

A defense of Comic Sans (00:09:43)

Final marks: The art of the carved letter (00:49:13)

Cowboy Bebop introduction
An incredible homage to Josef Müller-Brockmann from a 1998 anime television show.

The Companion of the Card ?? (00:02:25)

North by Northwest (00:01:54)

Psycho (00:01:58)

Generative typography experiments (×3  @ ~00:01:30 each)

How to identify fonts (00:03:45)

Doyald Young, logotype designer (00:41:40)

Tevevision commercial for Eurostyle c 1962 (00:00:50)

A short video about the typeface Dyslexie (00:02:04)

For an older list, see my Typophile “Typography videos” thread.